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Fashion Article: Timeless Fashion Trends for the Curvy Woman

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What’s the Right Dress for the Curvy Woman?

Do you sometimes feel that the fashion world targets only one type of woman and leaves a plus-sized woman like you out in the dark? To some extent that may be true, but the fashion world is now waking up to the fact that women come in all shapes and sizes. And there’s a bigger market out there for real women with body types that don’t fit fashion’s limited fashion norm. So it is getting easier to find outfits that will highlight the curvier woman’s assets. And if you are a voluptuous woman looking to emphasize an hourglass figure, there are fashion staples that never go out of trend.These are what will make you feel your curvy best!

I myself can be described as a curvy woman, and I’ve had difficulty shopping for my particular body type. Once I got to know what worked and what didn’t work for me, I found it easier to pick silhouettes that would make me look leaner but not necessarily willowy. That’s asking for a miracle.

But before anything else, how exactly is a curvier woman shaped?

A curvy woman has:

• Narrow shoulders.
• Smaller bust.
• Narrow waist.
• Wide hips.
• Chunkier thighs.
• Shorter legs.

Those physical characteristics don’t mean that there is anything wrong with being pear-shaped. It’s just that dressing for your body type will certainly accent the positives.

Asymmetric dresses, skirts or tops won’t hug the hip area and will provide a looser fit around the abdomen, giving the pear-shaped woman a more streamlined silhouette. If you become a bit self-conscious about heavier arms, just in case the asymmetric dress you’ve purchased is without sleeves, you can just shrug on a thin sweater or tiny cardigan. Asymmetric tops go well with structured pencil skirts with a little give, to stretch over more ample buttocks. The top will glide over a tummy and hips, and the pencil skirt will provide the outfit some balance. The addition of a belt will provide the waist definition that is a curvy woman’s asset, making more obvious the hourglass shape that comes more naturally to her body type.

When my “feeling-fat-days” come around once in a while, I find that a maxi dress is my fashion savior. It hides what I want to keep hidden instantly. It glides over my wider hips easily. Voila! A sleeker me. The closed-necked halter cut of the maxi dress on the left creates an illusion of balance by exposing shoulders in proportion to the hips. As usual, a trusty belt is any curvy woman’s bff (best friend forever) for reasons I don’t need to stress much more. The deep v neckline of the dress on the right is flattering on a heavier woman. It exposes the soft contours of her chest area, and when an empire waist is cinched, this elongates her form, resulting in a leaner look.

Prints and Patterns

If you’re a curvier woman, it’s not the color but rather the wrong pattern or print that will get you. As with any woman, choose a color that suits you skin tone. Your choice of color has little to do with body type. But if you’d want to maintain some sleekness to your look, make sure that the prints or patterns of your outfit aren’t too busy or too overwhelming. This means that jarring colors and prints that are too big will work against rather than for you, so stick to smoother color palettes and consistent prints. A word of advice: Horizontal prints are a no-no.

So if you think that as a curvy woman you’d have more difficulty finding styles that work for you. Think again. It just takes an awareness of what works for your body that’ll get you on the right fashion path. As with women with different body types, the adage “different strokes, for different folks” holds true.

About the author: Pinky Davo is a pear-shaped woman who writes for travel and fashion. Before she got to know the fashion ins and outs of her body type, she usually ended up with an attire that did nothing for her shape. Little did she know that with a few considerations, she’d actually be able to wear a dress that highlighted proportion and emphasized the positives.

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